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Sample Bid Documents

This section provides bid documents submitted by Manitoba public sector entities for goods and services demonstrating how general terms and conditions and/or scope of services are integrated with sustainable specifications. The bid documents provide best efforts at the time the documents were created. The most up to date specifications to be incorporated into bid documents are found in the Goods and Services section of this website.

Share your posted documents!

If your organization has developed a bid document for a commodity or service that contains sustainable procurement clauses, you are encouraged to provide the bid document using the Contribute button.



Use of these bid documents is intended to be a guideline for public sector procurers. The contributors are sharing their bid documents as examples of how sustainable procurement clauses are integrated into bid documents.

The bid documents provide an organization's best efforts at the time the documents were posted. Over time, words/specifications/clauses can become outdated, incomplete or even inaccurate. In conjunction with viewing these sample bid documents, the user is encouraged to review the specifications under the “Goods and Services" section for that specific commodity, prior to completing their bid documents. This will ensure the user incorporates the most recent information.

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