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Green Building Products Directory 

This Directory links Manitoba-based manufacturers and distributors of green building products and materials with professionals who design, construct and operate buildings in our province. It provides a one-stop source for information about environmentally-preferable building products and materials for Manitoba’s sustainable design and building community.

Green Building Service Directory

This Directory is dedicated to serving anyone seeking services and support from green building professionals based in Manitoba. It features firms and individuals who have expertise in the design, construction, operation, maintenance and financing of green buildings in the commercial, industrial, institutional and multi-family sectors. This includes consultants in a number of specialty areas.

Social Purchasing Portal

The Social Purchasing Portal is an online marketing and collaboration tool for small local businesses who commit to strengthening employment initiatives and the active practice of Community Economic Development (CED) principles in Winnipeg.

Manitoba Disabilities Issues Office

The Manitoba Disabilities Issues Office was established to support the Province of Manitoba in promoting the participation of persons with disabilities as full citizens in all aspects of society. The DIO provides support to ensure the requirements under The Accessibility for Manitobans Act are met. The Office provides numerous resources including a list of service providers that may assist in implementing the AMA requirements. 

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