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What you are doing matters...

Over the past two decades, procurement professionals have been requesting third party environmental labels in bid documents to address key environmental and social issues along the supply chain for a number of different commodities. We have been requesting Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper and Fairtrade certified when buying coffee, tea and cocoa to name a few. We believe the standards behind the label help to reduce pollution, protect our water resources, provide fair work practices, reduce biodiversity losses, and among other benefits. So....are our efforts working? The answer is yes.

Scientists presenting at a UN Biodiversity Conference held in Mexico this past December provided research results quantifying the numerous environmental and social benefits seen on acreages managed under label standards in forestry and agricultural regions. With these results, they urged more consumers and policy makers alike to promote and purchase third party certified commodities. The results clearly show that as procurers, our purchase of products bearing third party certified labels helps us achieve sustainable procurement. Check out the Labels & Logos section for more information on labels.

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