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Procurement and your organization’s Greenhouse Gas Inventory

More and more municipalities, cities and businesses are measuring and reporting their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions on an annual basis.  Compiling these annual emissions is often the role of a Sustainable Development professional or Greenhouse Gas Accountant/specialist. 

The reports often include emissions from contracted services (e.g. distribution of goods; municipal services such as waste collection and snow clearing; etc.).  The emissions from contracted services are derived from fossil fuel (gasoline, diesel, propane and biofuel blends etc.) used to operate vehicles, equipment and machinery. 

To facilitate the calculation of greenhouse gases from contracted services, specific vehicle and fuel consumption data will need to be requested in procurement bid documents.  In addition, as part of contract management, the data obtained from the contracted service provider(s) must be compiled annually, on a calendar year basis and provided to your greenhouse gas accountant. 

As a first step, meet with your Greenhouse Gas Accountant/Sustainable Development professional to learn more about greenhouse gas inventories and what you can do through the procurement process to support the data needed for the inventory. 

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