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Goods & Services

It is often difficult to judge the appropriateness, reliability and transparency of the environmental and social information used to make sustainable procurement decisions.

This section provides a listing of various goods and services that have been evaluated, vetted and approved by the website working group.  In an attempt to help public procurers identify essential specifications, this listing identifies key considerations and suggests minimum sustainable specifications.  The specifications have been developed by reviewing a variety of information and taking into consideration legislative requirements.  The specifications selected also incorporate the opinions of various experts in the academic, government and procurement fields.

The specifications in this goods and services section, may be of value for use in the private sector.

Additions and revisions to the goods and service list will be made on an ongoing basis in response to information requests and contributions as well as changes in legislation, product development, market availability and the general scientific understanding of the good and/or service.


DISCLAIMER: The "Goods & Services" section contains key considerations and suggestions for sustainable specifications and standards. Use of these specifications are intended to be guidelines for public sector procurers. Mention of any company name or product does not constitute or imply endorsement. 

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